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To Our Wonderful Members!  We always have surprises up our sleeves.  Check your inbox for a Members Only Valentine’s Day offer from us to you!


We have decided that parents should have their own awesome colouring sheets too! Why limit creativity to young ones when we all know how we as adults enjoy quiet creative time as well!  Check out our very own Valentine’s Colour Bursts for you to print and have fun with at your leisure!  Submit to us if you’re a VanGogh at heart and we’ll show them off right in time for Valentine’s Day! Send to info@tinyseedlings.com and WOW your family and friends with your talents!

Valentines 2 Valentines 1


Our new easels!

One of our Budding Artists using one of the Latcham Gallery’s new easels! When asked what she likes most about using an easel, she said ” It’s a lot easier to paint when it’s not so bumpy!”.  

We greatly appreciate the generosity of Tiny Seedlings, and their support in fostering creativity in our community. – Latcham Gallery

The Latcham Gallery’s Budding Artists Program provides children/youth the opportunity to learn about art, try their hand at a variety of media, and express themselves creatively in a studio environment.

Latcham Gallery’s goal is to educate, challenge and inspire. With the aspiration to give students of all abilities the confidence to experiment with materials, techniques and ideas so they have the tools to take their creativity further. The skills they acquire in our program will carry on beyond our studio. And of course, we want our students to have fun! 

We are so glad that you came to visit us!
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updatePARENTS – Here are the amazing moments captured of you and your little ones                                                          at our last event!


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New downloadable Activity Sheets have arrived!  As simple as CLICK and PRINT for home or on-the-go with your Tiny Seedling(s)



 shamrock 2017




The Bear Who Dared is a creatively written piece exclusive to Tiny Seedlings, filmed and narrated for your children and loved ones to watch and listen to in the comfort of your own homes.

Tiny Seedlings and Dash For Diabetes 2nd Annual Kids 1K

Registration is open! 

We are proud to support great initiatives like this one and encourage our members to take part in this recreational and super fun event! 

As always, we’ll have fabulous Coach Steve ready to warm our kids up to great music before the run! 

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Soon To Be Unveiled…Our Very Own

 Tiny Seedlings Open Air Arena!

It’s been almost 3 years and we thought we were deserving of our very own space to host ALL of our future outdoor events for our very deserving members! We want to bring physical activity, family interaction, events of all kinds to engage, stimulate and showcase the talents of young and old, hometown and abroad.

Without giving too much away, your kids can safely interact with you in all capacities, like learning to ride a bike, participatory physical activity in uncompetitive events, animal shows, talent showcasing on our very own bandstand, screening family rated movies, kids concerts, bunnyslopes for tobogganing, our ever famous fireworks displays and accompanying treats galore, a fun park area to keep your Seedlings batteries in overdrive and a learning garden of course, because giving back and learning about Mother Earth is one of the best lessons we can instil in our little ones.

This Open Air Arena will be home to TS events only and NOT a public park for entry without specific announcements made via our website or media updates – so keep us on your radar!

Daisy & Toby have been hard at work creating this exciting new space… stay tuned for updates along the way!

Shana Daniel

TS Park Ground Prep3TS Park Ground Prep2TS Park Ground Prep1


 Be a Fit Kid

Boy & Girl RunningThree Kids Running




Our SLOW DOWN FOR SAFETY boulevard signs have been instrumental in achieving the purpose of keeping us drivers aware of observing the speed limits and taking extra precautions when driving within our town neighbourhoods.  A BIG thank you to all of our members who have proudly displayed our signs on their properties.  These inspired awareness by all and together we are making a difference!


Moms and dads we know how saying repeatedly “pick up your toys” to your Tiny seedlings is so common.  We are asking those of you who joined us to PICK UP YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD(S), as our events are transitioning to MEMBERS ONLY and your cards will be used as passes to access our events.  Contact Darlene regarding pick up times.

An exclusive TS Announcement!


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