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Soon To Be Unveiled… Our Very Own Tiny Seedlings Open Air Arena!

It’s been almost 3 years and we thought we were deserving of our very own space to host ALL of our future outdoor events for our very deserving members! We want to bring physical activity, family interaction, events of all kinds to engage, stimulate and showcase the talents of young and old, hometown and abroad.

Without giving too much away, your kids can safely interact with you in all capacities, like learning to ride a bike, participatory physical activity in uncompetitive events, animal shows, talent showcasing on our very own bandstand, screening family rated movies, kids concerts, bunnyslopes for tobogganing, our ever famous fireworks displays and accompanying treats galore, a fun park area to keep your Seedlings batteries in overdrive and a learning garden of course, because giving back and learning about Mother Earth is one of the best lessons we can instil in our little ones.

This Open Air Arena will be home to TS events only and NOT a public park for entry without specific announcements made via our website or media updates – so keep us on your radar!

Daisy & Toby have been hard at work creating this exciting new space… stay tuned for updates along the way!

Shana Daniel


Our SLOW DOWN FOR SAFETY boulevard signs have been instrumental in achieving the purpose of keeping us drivers aware of observing the speed limits and taking extra precautions when driving within our town neighbourhoods.  A BIG thank you to all of our members who have proudly displayed our signs on their properties.  These inspired awareness by all and together we are making a difference!


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