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happy_holidays_slider_900x300 We wish all of our Tiny Seedlings a beautiful and safe holiday season.  We look forward to bringing you more fun in 2017!

We are so glad that you came to visit us!
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updatePARENTS – Here are the amazing moments captured of you and your little ones at our last event!


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New downloadable Activity Sheets have arrived!  As simple as CLICK and PRINT for home or on-the-go with your Tiny Seedling(s)




There’s fun in store for an upcoming home game with our favourite hockey team, Stouffville Spirit! Bring your luck for exciting draws and a chance to win more prizes with this fun poster, coloured and decorated by your Tiny Seedling(s).  These posters can be waved around at all our games to cheer our team on!

January 7th will be our next big TS with Spirit night.  Contact us to pick up your ticket!


Tiny Seedlings and Dash For Diabetes 2nd Annual Kids 1K

Registration is open! 

We are proud to support great initiatives like this one and encourage our members to take part in this recreational and super fun event! 

As always, we’ll have fabulous Coach Steve ready to warm our kids up to great music before the run! 

diabetes-1 2 3

Soon To Be Unveiled…Our Very Own

 Tiny Seedlings Open Air Arena!

It’s been almost 3 years and we thought we were deserving of our very own space to host ALL of our future outdoor events for our very deserving members! We want to bring physical activity, family interaction, events of all kinds to engage, stimulate and showcase the talents of young and old, hometown and abroad.

Without giving too much away, your kids can safely interact with you in all capacities, like learning to ride a bike, participatory physical activity in uncompetitive events, animal shows, talent showcasing on our very own bandstand, screening family rated movies, kids concerts, bunnyslopes for tobogganing, our ever famous fireworks displays and accompanying treats galore, a fun park area to keep your Seedlings batteries in overdrive and a learning garden of course, because giving back and learning about Mother Earth is one of the best lessons we can instil in our little ones.

This Open Air Arena will be home to TS events only and NOT a public park for entry without specific announcements made via our website or media updates – so keep us on your radar!

Daisy & Toby have been hard at work creating this exciting new space… stay tuned for updates along the way!

Shana Daniel

TS Park Ground Prep3TS Park Ground Prep2TS Park Ground Prep1


 Be a Fit Kid

Boy & Girl RunningThree Kids Running




Imaginative Story Telling

We are proud and excited to showcase Johnny’s talents as storyteller for our upcoming release of Story #1 – bringing life to our TS characters with fun names and pictures for you and your Tiny Seedling to enjoy listening to or viewing anywhere.  Imaginative storytelling at it’s finest!  Stay Tuned for our Fall Release 2016 of story #1 and perhaps even a MEET & GREET with Johnny himself at our next event in October – hint: it’ll be a fun spooky story telling evening.




Our SLOW DOWN FOR SAFETY boulevard signs have been instrumental in achieving the purpose of keeping us drivers aware of observing the speed limits and taking extra precautions when driving within our town neighbourhoods.  A BIG thank you to all of our members who have proudly displayed our signs on their properties.  These inspired awareness by all and together we are making a difference!


Moms and dads we know how saying repeatedly “pick up your toys” to your Tiny seedlings is so common.  We are asking those of you who joined us to PICK UP YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD(S), as our events are transitioning to MEMBERS ONLY and your cards will be used as passes to access our events.  Contact Darlene regarding pick up times.

An exclusive TS Announcement!


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