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UNITED SOILS MANAGEMENT joined the local business community in 2007. Since then, they have prided themselves in being good neighbours and participating in the service of others in our great Town of STOUFFVILLE.
They have given back to the community with their support of numerous local events as well as financially aiding those that needed help.


This initiative is aimed at Stouffville’s most important resource, Stouffville’s kids. We are here to provide an outlet for moms and dads to TEACH, ENTERTAIN   and MOTIVATE our little ones. We will be doing this by INSPIRING the children to interact with their families, ENGAGING them with educational materials and have them actively participate in Stouffville’s fresh air with our year round events, including our Tiny Seedlings Garden and outdoor events in the 4 Seasons.  Emphasis will be placed on inviting Passion for our Environment and most importantly, FAMILY FUN.
We encourage you to sign up your Tiny Seedling as soon as possible. Membership
has rewards. Your child will receive their own personalized membership card which will entitle them to MEMBERS ONLY events as well as free giveaways throughout the year from various businesses in our Town.HomePageToby

Here’s the best part..

This  entire program is now and will be forever FREE. There will never be mention of financial requirements on your part.

Check in often!

This site, with our activity sheets and the motivational messages to our tiny seedlings will constantly be changing.
Darlene and myself are moms to little seedlings ourselves. We both live in town and assure you that this site is safe, offering age appropriate content only and will be loaded with material that we will use with our own little seedlings.

Please use our contact page to aim us in any direction that you think will be enjoyed by others. We encourage active and frequent participation to our many events and invite you to introduce your family to us. We love meeting our newest members.

Shana Daniel


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Tiny Seedlings intends to be a long-term presence in Stouffville, and we have established an office right on Main Street. You may see a lot of us in the coming months, we hope to meet you and your family! If you ever have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you, simply email us at and we will be sure to reply.